Public Works Projects

SB1 Funded Slurry Seal Projects

Project Name Area Map
1 - Fairmont Slurry Seal Project Map
2 - Orangeburg Slurry Seal Project
3 - Claremont Slurry Seal Project Map
4 - Dry Creek Slurry Seal Project Map
5 - Lakewood Slurry Seal Project Map
5B - Merle Slurry Seal Project Map
6 - Rumble Area Slurry Seal Project
7 - Carpenter Area Slurry Seal Project Map
8 - Torrid Area Slurry Seal Project Map
9 - College Area Slurry Seal Project Map
Whitmore Slurry Seal Schedule and Map Map

Annual Maps for SB1 Funded Slurry Seal Projects

Project Area Map
2016 Slurry Seal Projects                     Map
2017 Slurry Seal Projects Map
2018 Slurry Seal Projects Map
Slurry Seal Projects Map Image

Public Works Projects by Division

Division Project Further Information Area Map
Multiple Measure L Funded Projects - The Public Works Department has multiple projects in the works using the Measure L funding. Check out our web page dedicated specifically to these projects! Measure L  
Fleet Parts Room Expansion - Fleet Services is currently divided in two buildings with two parts storage locations. This parts room will add the additional parts storage required for all shops and provide a connection between the neighboring buildings for streamlined labor sharing. Fact Sheet  
Fleet Heavy Duty Shop Expansion - Fleet Services is currently divided in two buildings and three shops. This new shop building will be one step closer to having all of Fleet Services in one building. Fact Sheet  
Streets Slurry Seal 2018 - The City of Modesto Public Works Streets Division will complete 118 lane miles of slurry seal during the 2018 slurry season. Fact Sheet Map
Traffic High Friction Surface Treatment - This project will install High Friction Surface Treatment on a curved street segment on Scenic Drive and Orangeburg Avenue where a loss of traction may occur. Fact Sheet Map
Traffic Traffic Signal Controller Update - Upgrade to Model 2070 LX traffic signal controllers. Controllers regulate the flow of intersection traffic by directing the indications for motorists and pedestrians crossing the intersection with preset timing controlled by the City’s network. This huge technology advancement will improve communication and operations of signals within Modesto! Fact Sheet  
Transit Amtrak Station North Parking Lot Expansion - This project will expand the parking options at the Amtrak station, by adding a parking lot on the northside of the station.  Fact Sheet  
Transit Downtown Transit Center Expansion - This project will expand the Transit Center to provide more
dispatching space for the Modesto Area Express operation.
Fact Sheet  
Transit Downtown Transit Center Improvements - This project will improve the Transit Center and keep it in a state of good repair. Several projects in the building and throughout the property are planned. Fact Sheet  
Transit Electric Buses and Charging Infrastructure - This project will purchase five electric buses and associated charging stations at the Bus Maintenance Facility. Fact Sheet