Map Displaying Modesto Regional Fire Authority Stations
  1. Administration Office

    The Modesto Fire Department Administration Office is where the Fire Chief, Operations Chief and administrative staff are located.

  2. Regional Fire Training Center (RFTC)

    The Regional Fire Training Center (RFTC) facility is a joint partnership with the Modesto Junior College (Yosemite Community College District) and the Modesto Fire Department.

  3. Station 1

    Station 1 is located in Downtown Modesto and has provided fire protection to the city since 1875.

  4. Station 2

    Station 2 is the newest fire station in Modesto built in 2007 and replaced old Station 2 which had served the West Modesto neighborhood since 1924.

  5. Station 3

    The current Station 3 was opened in November 1968 and was dedicated to Kenny Richards who died from job incurred illness. The station replaced old station 3 which had been in service on Downey Avenue since 1925.

  6. Station 4

    Station 4 is located next to the Regional Fire Training Center. The current Station 4 was opened following the completion of the Briggsmore Avenue overpass in July 1976. It was dedicated to retiring Fire Chief Robert Gunn.

  7. Station 5

    Station 5 was built in 1964 and was dedicated to Durwood Taylor who died in the line of duty while battling a warehouse fire on Grand Street in 1957.

  8. Station 6

    Station 6 is very much a community station. It houses one Engine Company and a Reserve Truck Company. This company's Northwest Modesto territory includes the Modesto Vintage Faire Mall. Station 6 was built in 1979.

  9. Station 7

    Station 7 is our most environmentally friendly station. This Engine Company protects the Northeast area of the city including the Beyer Park neighborhood. Station 7 was built in 1980.

  10. Station 8

    Station 8 is Modesto's Airport Fire Station. Station 8 was opened in 1977.

  11. Station 9

    Station 9 is located in the Village I community in East Modesto. Station 9 was built in 1989.

  12. Station 10

    Station 10 serves both City of Modesto territory and the contracted area of the Industrial Fire District.

  13. Station 11

    Station 11 is serves the North area of Modesto.