Human Resources Measures

The Human Resources Department is Responsible for effectiveness in recruitment and retention, risk management, and overall employee performance.
  1. HR - Applications Recieved

    This measure is important because it will help the City gauge the interest of individuals working for the City and the availability of potential employees.

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  2. HR - Full Time Employees

    This measure is important because it will help the City determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce in providing service.

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  3. HR - Turnover Rate

    Turnover is an important measure for three primary reasons – cost (replacing an employee can cost as much as 200% of the annual compensation for the vacated position), business performance (continuity of operations, productivity) and ability to maintain a qualified workforce.

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  4. HR - Worker's Compensation Costs

    Worker's Comp costs also reflect loss of productivity in the workforce as well as the overall effectiveness of the Safety program in preventing injuries.

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  5. HR - Worker's Compensation Losses

    Liability costs are loss of property or personal injury to the public. They reflect the City's safety, training and prevention programs.

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  6. HR - Rate of Injuries

    Increased injuries reflect the ability of the City to control or minimize worker injuries through its Safety program, training and prevention efforts.

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