Land Development Engineering Utilities

Wastewater/Sewer Fees

The City of Modesto Council approved new wastewater capacity fees for residential and commercial development. The fee criteria became effective on August 1, 2007. The fees are based on land use which determines the estimated wastewater daily flow. The amount of daily flow is used to calculate wastewater fees. Other sewer fees such as the lateral charge based on lot frontage and a subtrunk fee may still apply.

For a typical residential home, the following fees would be applicable
  • Waste Water Capacity Charge - $2643
  • Subtrunk Charge - $645
  • Lateral Charge - $33 per linear foot
To find the approximate wastewater fees for your proposed project, contact LDE at 209-341-4712,, or walk-in.

Disclaimer: The City of Modesto will calculate the final sewer fees when plans have been submitted for review.

Water Connection Fees

Along with wastewater fees, LDE calculates fees and issues water installation permits for new water connections.

For a typical 1 inch water connection, the following fees would be applicable:
  • Water connection charge - $3,671 
  • Water service installation - $1,108
  • Water meter - $275. 
In addition, if a property has never been connected to City water, then an additional charge of $26 per linear feet of lot frontage adjacent to any City water main would be applicable.
To start service on an existing line, please contact City of Modesto's Customer Service office at 577-5395. Office hours are: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Will- Serve Process

When a property lies outside City of Modesto limits, and within the City’s service area, a Will-Serve application is required when requesting approval to connect to City water or sewer. Allowing a connection to the existing system is determined based on sewer and/or water capacity and availability. The Will-Serve application should include a fire flow test (for water only please contact your local fire department).

Will Serve Process Related Documents

Cost Share Program (CSP)

Per the City of Modesto Municipal Code section 5-6.309, each user shall be responsible for the construction, maintenance, and repair of their sewer line from their property line out to the main in the street and/or alley. The Cost Share Program is set up to offer home owners financial assistance if repairs or maintenance are required for the sewer line located in the public right-of-way including street, sidewalk, or alley. The program reimburses 50% of the lowest of three licensed and approved plumber bid estimates for the final cost of the sewer line repair. The assistance is only for the portion of the sewer line located in the right-of-way and does not cover any sewer work on the property.

For more information on the Private Sewer Lateral Cost Share Program, please contact the program coordinator at 209-342-4712.